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This site is dedicated to finding everyone named Sarras on the net. So, if you happen to know of somebody who is not listed here (or find an outdated link), please send info to ! It might take some time before I respond, though.

Currently there are the following domains:

"Sarras" Top Level Domains


Originally the Sarras in Austria" page, contains now my old universiy-page.

Maintained by Alexander Sarras (now part of sarras.info)


The Sarras Info Project master site

contains the full information. org, net and at tld's are now defined as subsites.


This site (now part of sarras.info)

You are looking at it!


Currently inoperative, redirects to sarras.net

There's only so much time! And not enough for everything, life, the universe ...


No Page

only a mail domain


Currently unreachable.

DNS entry was changed. Originally maintained by Issa Sarras

Other Domains

Cave de Sarras

Want some french wine?

Looks like a place I've got to visit when I'm in France.

Sarras Ltd

Homepage of a consultancy specialed in Asset Management Change programmes across UK utilities and public sector organisations, at least that's what the web-page claims :)

I really have no idea why the choose that name ...


Not understanding czech, I really don't know what's that site about

Some historical costumes (?), maybe someone could write me and explain ...

Strange coincidences

Now I Just wonder if that's a relative of mine?

Places, people, dogs and the holy grail

There are some places named Sarras, which to know is an odd feeling for someone carrying that name. So I started collecting information on those places. Some have even some historical or mythical importance.

The Breasted expedition
Not what it sounds like, but an expedition to egypt. And yes, there's a place called Sarras there!
Sarras, France
The town of Sarras near the Rhône.

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